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Linda has a special love for Young Adult literature, both as a reader and a writer for teens and 'tweens. Drawing on her travels through Asia, Europe, Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia, her books feature authentic touches and far-away locales.

While living in Japan, Linda pinch-hit as a substitute teacher at the American School In Japan and served as the Tokyo Regional Advisor for the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She has visited schools around the United States and overseas and she has been on the faculty and presented to writers' workshops both at home and abroad.

Forensics in Fiction:How do mystery writers use forensic science in their work and what the heck is the CSI effect?
Mystery 101:The game is afoot! Discovering the elements of mystery writing.
Brain to Book:"Where do you get your ideas?" "How do you get published?" And other burning questions answered.
Stir up a Story:Recipe for story building: cup of character development, dash of dialog, pinch of plot and sprinkle of setting.

For Writers

Up all Night:Top ten secrets of creating suspense on the page
Portable Story Board:Plotting on the run
The Proposal:Writing book proposals that sell

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