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Students Across the Seven Seas

Women Sports Foundation recommended read!
The Finnish Line
Students Across the Seven Seas

When Nordic ski jumper Maureen 'Mo' Clark sets off to study abroad in Finland, her goal is simple; to jump in the famous Lahti Ski Games and prove to her family and friends what she's made of. But simple turns complicated when her grades start to slip, her jumps don't measure up, and a good-looking gypsy-blood teammate offers his assistance—for a price. Amid the saunas and snow castles, the ice swimming and Northern lights, Mo discovers strength inside herself—her own Finnish sisu—that she never knew existed.

“Truly brings the world of ski jumping to life… the perfect blend of fun, sporting adventure and a compelling first-time romance. Convincing, intimate, stimulating!"
—Olympic Gold Medalist Nikki Stone

“Great job conveying Finnish culture. Makes the teen experience real…”
—Enduring Romance

“Fantastic, action-packed novel… interesting scenes and characters… just the right amount of romance.”
—Flamingnet Book Review

ALA Popular Paperback Nominee!
Now and Zen
Students Across the Seven Seas

Nori Tanaka is thrilled to be studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan, but it isn't exactly what she had imagined. She expected tranquil gardens and swoopy-roofed houses, not concrete and neon. And everyone assumes that, with her traditional Japanese features, she's a native instead of the naïve Japanese-American that she really is. Even Erik, a gorgeous German student, mistakes Nori for Japanese, and treats her like a personal tour guide. Nori is sure that he'll like her for who she is once he gets to know her, so what harm can come of temporarily pretending to be Japanese? It doesn't take long to realize that she has a lot to learn about Japan, and about herself, before she can pass for a native. But after exploring the karaoke clubs in Tokyo, the peaceful temples in Kyoto, and the tranquil heights of Mt. Fuji, Nori knows she has a good chance of finding the hidden Japanese spirit and Zen mindset within herself.

“Thoughtful and fun.”
—Kate Coombs, author of The Secret Keeper and Runaway Princess

“Fast-paced story line. Nori is a winner.”
—KC Dyer, author of Ms. Zephyr’s Notebook and the Eagle Glen Trilogy

“Great blend of fictional plot and cultural facts.”
—A Patchwork of Books

“Vivid and enriching sense of place… well crafted characters.”
—M Swist, American School in Japan

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